Our history is connected with the German company Betomax GmbH – we share a common origin, the first products, and traditional cooperation. A landmark moment for the development of the company was changing the name to FORBUILD.
Below, starting from 1998, you will find the milestones in the development of our company.

  • 1963

    Founding of the company Betomax Kunststoff und Metallwarenfabrik GmbH

    Own production of first products in the form of spacers and formwork accessories.

  • 1973

    Introduction of the first modern structure of a mounting trolley (MTW-72)

  • 1982

    Introduction of the first bent rebar continuous joining system - COMAX

  • 1990

    Joining the INDUS-Holding AG Group in Bergisch Gladbach, listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

  • 1998

    Establishment of BETOMAX Polska Sp. z o.o.

    The construction market in Poland opens for Western companies. New technologies for the monolithic construction find their application, bringing forth the need to offer accessories necessary for securing such technologies. In order to reduce construction costs and improve the investment cycles, it is necessary to apply solutions used and proven in Western Europe. BETOMAX Polska Sp. z o.o., with the following persons as its founders, is established: Betomax Kunststoff und Metallwarenfabrik GmbH with its CEO Wolfgang Scheurer, Lech Pasturczak, Stanisław Pargieła, Andrzej Pargieła, and Artur Mączyński.

  • 1999

    Launching the production of the COMAX bendable reinforcement system in Poland

    The introduction of formwork systems to construction speeds-up the construction process and requires the use of bendable reinforcement in order to reduce the time of using the formwork and also allows, by using fewer components, making the cornices, platforms, partition walls, and ceilings. Launching the production of a wide range of bendable reinforcement products in Poland allows us to largely satisfy the market.

  • 1999

    The beginning of creating sales network on the territory of Poland

    The rapid development of monolithic construction in the housing and public utility sectors caused need for company's presence on construction sites in persons Sales Representatives as well as participation in trade fairs.

  • 1999

    The beginning of creating sales network on the territory of Poland

    The rapid development of monolithic construction in the housing and public utility sectors caused need for company's presence on construction sites in persons Sales Representatives as well as participation in trade fairs.

  • 2000

    Launching in Poland the production of the FORTEC threaded reinforcement system for connecting reinforced bars

    The supplementation of the BINDAX bendable reinforcement with FORTEC threaded reinforcement system allows you to join the reinforcement within the diameters used in bridge construction and structures with a high load.

  • 2001

    Expansion of the product range with the products of BESAPLAST

    The linear construction sealing offer in the monolithic construction by using FORBENT bentonite bands and injection hoses is complemented with BESAPLAST sealing bands. This enables us to offer comprehensive seals to movement and expansion joints.

  • 2001

    Introduction of concrete structures sealing installation services to the offer

    BETOMAX Polska forms installation crews who install the offered seals on the construction site and train the employees of the client in the field of installation and connecting the sealing and expansion bands. The company carries out presentations for the supervision staff at the client's seat in respect of the rules for the selection and installation of the sealing offered by the company.

  • 2001

    Launching the manufacture in Poland and introduction of the MTW-72 mounting trolley

    The development of the infrastructure construction in Poland and the increased demand for the lease of MTW-72 mounting trolley results in the commencement of production of this type of equipment for the Polish and the German market, as well as the introduction of equipment lease to the offer.

  • 2003

    Commencement of cooperation with DEFLEX Fugensysteme GmbH

    Urban development and building larger and larger facilities such as shopping centres, multilevel car parks result in the need to design structural expansions. This requires the use of expansion profiles carrying heavy loads which are, at the same time, tight and do not distort the aesthetics of the facilities. The company's response to this challenge is establishing cooperation with the German company DEFLEX.

  • 2005

    Expanding the offer with GUMBA and LESCHUPLAST products

    Technological development and using deformable components in the supports have contributed to the introduction of the LESCHUPLAST elastomer spacers and GUMBA structural bearings. The elastomer and slip technology are the leading solutions in terms of constructing and making deformable connections.

  • 2006

    Moving the company to a new office

    The next stage in the development of the company was the development of design, technical, logistical, and administrative facilities. A new, modern office building, to which all organisational units of BETOMAX Polska are moved, is created.

  • 2006

    Establishment of a branch office in Warsaw

    In order to quickly respond to the needs of a demanding market of a large agglomeration, the company opened an additional warehouse with office facilities. In June 2012, all of the above was moved to a new, larger seat in the town of Kolonia Warszawska on the outskirts of Warsaw.

  • 2007

    Development, design, and launching the production of SECUMAX edge safety system

    The company launched the production of accessories and systems to increase the safety of workers engaged in work performed at heights and in ground works. SECUMAX system provides full protection on a construction site, at each stage (also during the construction and finishing works), through the use of a wide range of handles and fasteners compatible with formwork systems used on the market.

  • 2009

    Change of the company's legal form

    The development of company's business results in the need to change the limited liability company legal form to a joint-stock company.

  • 2010

    Moving the company to a new seat and the establishment of an Investment Execution Department

    BETOMAX Polska S.A. acquires new sites for its own activities and moves its seat to ul. Górna 2A. An increase in the participation of own crews in terms of expansion profiles, bridge bearings, and sealing systems installations results in the need to create an Investment Execution Department. This results in a better and faster handling of the executed contracts and also allows us to accept more orders.

  • 2011

    Developing the design of the 2200 unloading platform

    The company's offer is extended with the 2200 unloading platform. The product is developed and launched to the market on the basis of the design work of the company's design engineers.

  • 2011

    Obtaining a permit to engage in business activity within the “Starachowice” Special Economic Zone

    BETOMAX Polska S.A. establishes cooperation and commences its business activity within the “Starachowice” Special Economic Zone.

  • 2012

    Introducing to the offer and launching the production of balcony connectors

    BETOMAX expands its offer in the field of reinforcement systems with balcony connectors improving the thermal standards of housing constructions.

  • 2012

    Establishment of a branch office in Gdańsk

    The establishment of an additional branch office and warehouse improves the company's logistics capacities in order to provide better service to our clients in the Tri-City area.

  • 2013

    Initial public offering

    BETOMAX Polska S.A. subjects itself to market to verification and commences its activity on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. On 04 April 2013, the company makes its debut on the NewConnect market. 2 million “C” series allotment certificates were provided for trading.

  • 2013

    Acquisition of Stalmax, moving and developing the production in the “Starachowice” Special Economic Zone

    Betomax Polska S.A. acquires STALMAX. This project is a continuation of the development strategy of the company and the fulfilment of the most important share issue objective.

  • 2014

    Acquisition of Pamexpol

    The acquired company pursues business activity in the field of advertising structures production and processing metals. The transaction is in line with the strategic objectives of the company which is to consolidate the market and transform the company's main profile from commercial to production and engineering.  Pamexpol brand, which is recognisable and has a good reputation in its segment, is maintained. This transaction is the first step to building a strong group of companies from the metal and construction industry under the Betomax brand.

  • 2015

    Establishment of a branch office in Sosnowiec

    We are pleased to announce to the parties concerned that in May 2015 we opened another branch office of our company, this time in Silesia.
    It is located in Sosnowiec, at ul. Podjazdowa 25. The newly renovated building holds an office with sanitary facilities and a conference hall.
    Please feel free to visit us in our newly opened office.

  • 2015

    Change of the company's name

    Betomax Polska changes its name to FORBUILD. The company continues its development by itself and enters the international markets with its products and services.