The Best Construction Company Of 2014

The winners of “The Personage of the Industry”, “The Polish Hercules”, and the “Builder Laurels” awards, awarded by the “Builder” monthly magazine over the past twelve years, were announced on 12 February 2015. 


Last year, despite a very promising first six months, was for the construction companies a big challenge. However, the Polish construction industry is experiencing a gradual revival after a serious decline in the years 2012-2013, and the market participants look ahead with increasing optimism. Some of the companies were able to sense this slight growth and had impressing and interesting achievements in 2014. The most effective ones have been awarded by the editors and the programme council of the “Builder” monthly magazine, as each year, with the title of “The Best Construction Company of the Year”. Their achievements, especially in the context of the market conditions, have been emphasized by Mr Marek Zdziebłowski, the publisher of the “Builder”, in his speech: “Conquering the market in times of prosperity is no achievement. Doing so in difficult market conditions is a real success. That is why the today's award winners are even more worthy of admiration and great respect”. “The Best Construction Companies of the Year” included companies with very a different business profile, however, they have much in common, and, above all, are characterised by effective management, good results, innovation of the proposed solutions, as well as reliability and stability. Moreover, they are usually managed by remarkable individuals who are able to bear the burden of responsibility, yet impress others with their courage, perseverance, determination and, above all, business intuition. Thus, they deserve the title of “The Personage of the Construction Industry” awarded this year for the first time by the “Builder” monthly magazine.


On behalf of BETOMAX Polska, the “The Best Construction Company of the Year” certificate and the “Personage of the Industry” award have been collected personally by the President of the Management Board of BETOMAX Polska S.A. Mr Grzegorz Muszyński.


Based on the materials provided by the editors of the “Builder” monthly magazine.