A Series Of Trade Fairs Abroad Involving Betomax Polska


On 13-16.03.2014, BETOMAX Polska S.A. participated in the International Construction Trade Fairs.
Betomax Poland S.A. presented its products at the Kipsala International Exhibition Centre in the Latvian capital Riga.
It was a perfect opportunity to promote the brand and our products, because the fair, as well as our exhibition stand, has been visited by companies from Northern Europe as well as Western Asia.
The participation in this fair can be considered successful, because the company has established a number of new contacts with new clients.


On 01-04.04.2014, BETOMAX Polska S.A. participated in the MOSBUILD International Construction Trade Fairs in Moscow.
MOSBUILD exhibition is the biggest construction industry exhibition in Russia and one of the five largest trade fairs in the world. The rank of the event is confirmed by the presence of exhibitors from 43 different countries.
Betomax decided to present its products and solutions on this still not sufficiently supplied but, at the same time, more and more demanding market. Moreover, we held talks with companies from the Eurasian Customs Union. During the fair, numerous contacts with major players in the construction industry, just from beyond our eastern borders, have been made.


From 24 to 27.04.2014, during the RESTA fairs in Vilnius (Lithuania), Betomax met with its existing clients, as well as acquired new ones from the Baltic States region.
RESTA exhibition, as each year, attracted a huge number of visitors, and that year should be seen as particularly successful considering the intense talks held at the exhibition stand of Betomax.
The participation in RESTA enabled our company to promote itself against the competition's products, which resulted in an increase in terms of our credibility. The company is also perceived as more competitive because of the broad range of products we provide.

The Czech Republic

From 23 and 26.04.2014, Betomax participated in IBF (International Building Fair) fairs in Brno in the Czech Republic.
Notwithstanding the wide range of products presented by Betomax, EBEA KP balcony connectors enjoyed the greatest interest, which certainly was related to the main theme of the fair – energy efficiency.
During the fair, we held numerous talks with potential clients from such countries as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria. In addition to establishing new contacts, we managed to collect lots of significant information about the above mentioned markets, which certainly will be very useful in terms of further export expansion, which is the focus of BETOMAX Polska S.A.