2014 Safety Week

“The Safety Week” on the construction sites of eight companies (Bilfinger Infrastructure, Budimex, Hochtief Polska, Mostostal Warszawa, Mota-Engil Central Europe, Polimex-Mostostal, Skanska, and Warbud), forming the Agreement for Safety in the Construction Industry, was launched on 05 May 2014. This is a time in which the signatories of the Agreement double their efforts to reach the aim of “no accidents”. The involvement of so many large companies allows us to hope to change the safety culture both in our own companies, as well as in the subcontracting ones. Actions related to the promotion of an OHS culture were initiated on hundreds of construction sites in Poland. This is the first joint initiative taken by the signatories of the Agreement carried out on such a large scale and at the same time. This is a unique opportunity to reach out not only to the employees of our own companies, but also most of the subcontracting companies on the Polish market.


BETOMAX Polska S.A. presented its products in the form of a multimedia presentation and their practical application. In a series of meetings organised at the construction sites of individual companies, the participants had the opportunity to update their knowledge on occupational safety. Further training were held on the following construction sites:


05.05.2014 – Hochtief Polska – terminal of the Warsaw Chopin Airport

06.05.2014 – Warbud – renovation of the railway station and the underground passageways in Tarnów

08.05.2014 – Skanska – Philip Morris International Poland construction site in Cracow

08.05.2014 – Skanska – construction of a railway bridge in Zembrzyce

09.05.2014 – Budimex – construction of four domes in Wrocław

12.05.2014 – Budimex – construction of the S-5 expressway in Rawicz


The issues addressed included, among others, accidents at the construction sites and their prevention. Each of the participants of the training was provided with training materials and the following catalogues: SECUMAX, SECUMAX INDIVIDUAL, ALSIPERCHA, and the CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT. The trainings were carried by out Mr Mariusz Janowski and Mr Tomasz Kaczmarski. Their speeches included references to the comprehensive business profile of our company and the high quality of our products and services thanks to which we have become one of the leading construction companies on the Polish market.


All meetings were participated by site managers, works managers, team managers, foremen, construction workers, and OHS coordinators. They showed great interest in the products of Betomax and asked numerous questions about the technical solutions applied in the safety systems. The participants provided also their comments on the systems offered by Betomax, as well as pointed out to solutions that could be helpful when performing works at heights. At this point, it is worth to mention the discussions held with the employees of Skanska, as well as the OHS experts of Hochtief who expressed very positive opinions about our products and passed thanks from their site managers and expressed willingness in terms of further cooperation.