The Best Construction Company of 2014

Our company has received the “The Best Construction Company of 2014” award. Alongside the experienced authors of the best undertakings and projects in the construction industry, the scene of the Złote Tarasy shopping centre's Multikino, where the awards have been given, staged debutantes – winners of the 2nd edition of the young architects contest.

The winners of “The Personage of the Industry”, “The Polish Hercules”, and the “Builder Laurels” awards, awarded by the “Builder” monthly magazine over the past twelve years, were announced on 12 February 2015. 


Last year, despite a very promising first six months, was for the construction companies a big challenge. However, the Polish construction industry is experiencing a gradual revival after a serious decline in the years 2012-2013, and the market participants look ahead with increasing optimism. Some of the companies were able to sense this slight growth and had impressing and interesting achievements in 2014. The most effective ones have been awarded by the editors and the programme council of the “Builder” monthly magazine, as each year, with the title of “The Best Construction Company of the Year”. Their achievements, especially in the context of the market conditions, have been emphasized by Mr Marek Zdziebłowski, the publisher of the “Builder”, in his speech: “Conquering the market in times of prosperity is no achievement. Doing so in difficult market conditions is a real success. That is why the today's award winners are even more worthy of admiration and great respect”. “The Best Construction Companies of the Year” included companies with very a different business profile, however, they have much in common, and, above all, are characterised by effective management, good results, innovation of the proposed solutions, as well as reliability and stability. Moreover, they are usually managed by remarkable individuals who are able to bear the burden of responsibility, yet impress others with their courage, perseverance, determination and, above all, business intuition. Thus, they deserve the title of “The Personage of the Construction Industry” awarded this year for the first time by the “Builder” monthly magazine.


On behalf of BETOMAX Polska, the “The Best Construction Company of the Year” certificate and the “Personage of the Industry” award have been collected personally by the President of the Management Board of BETOMAX Polska S.A. Mr Grzegorz Muszyński.


Based on the materials provided by the editors of the “Builder” monthly magazine.

AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA International Road Construction Fair

On 14-16 May 2014, BETOMAX Polska S.A. participated in the 20th AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA 2014 International Road Construction Fair.

This event is the largest and the most prestigious meeting place for the representatives of the road construction industry in Poland. It provides a great opportunity to become acquainted with technological developments in the road infrastructure in Poland, Europe, and throughout the world. The 20th anniversary edition of the AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA 2014 International Road Construction Fair had the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, The Polish Chamber of Commerce of the Construction Industry, the Polish Association of Employers of the Construction Industry, and the Chief Labour Inspector.

The AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA fair is an event with a very high level in terms of merits. As each year, a strong point in the agenda were numerous meetings conducted by the best specialists. This event is organised by the Kielce Trade Fairs. This year's event in Kielce involved 485 companies from 21 countries around the world on a total area of nearly 11 thousand square meters. The exhibition was visited by more than 15 thousand people.

Betomax Polska S.A. presented its product range at the E-21 exhibition stand. It is worth noting that the company's products are well-known on the construction market and the interest on the part of road works design engineers and contractors was quite large. This should be considered as a signal and the right moment to work on strengthening our offer on the market.

To sum up, the participation of Betomax Polska S.A. was a success, since the company's objectives have been met – during the three days of the fair, our exhibition stand was visited by more than 150 people. A lot of questions were asked, which shows a great interest in our products on the part of the infrastructure industry, and we made some new contacts with declarations on potential future cooperation.

2014 Safety Week

Betomax Polska S.A. actively participated in the “2014 Safety Week”, by conducting a series of training on the practical use of equipment to improve safety and security systems improving OHS safety on construction sites.

“The Safety Week” on the construction sites of eight companies (Bilfinger Infrastructure, Budimex, Hochtief Polska, Mostostal Warszawa, Mota-Engil Central Europe, Polimex-Mostostal, Skanska, and Warbud), forming the Agreement for Safety in the Construction Industry, was launched on 05 May 2014. This is a time in which the signatories of the Agreement double their efforts to reach the aim of “no accidents”. The involvement of so many large companies allows us to hope to change the safety culture both in our own companies, as well as in the subcontracting ones. Actions related to the promotion of an OHS culture were initiated on hundreds of construction sites in Poland. This is the first joint initiative taken by the signatories of the Agreement carried out on such a large scale and at the same time. This is a unique opportunity to reach out not only to the employees of our own companies, but also most of the subcontracting companies on the Polish market.


BETOMAX Polska S.A. presented its products in the form of a multimedia presentation and their practical application. In a series of meetings organised at the construction sites of individual companies, the participants had the opportunity to update their knowledge on occupational safety. Further training were held on the following construction sites:


05.05.2014 – Hochtief Polska – terminal of the Warsaw Chopin Airport

06.05.2014 – Warbud – renovation of the railway station and the underground passageways in Tarnów

08.05.2014 – Skanska – Philip Morris International Poland construction site in Cracow

08.05.2014 – Skanska – construction of a railway bridge in Zembrzyce

09.05.2014 – Budimex – construction of four domes in Wrocław

12.05.2014 – Budimex – construction of the S-5 expressway in Rawicz


The issues addressed included, among others, accidents at the construction sites and their prevention. Each of the participants of the training was provided with training materials and the following catalogues: SECUMAX, SECUMAX INDIVIDUAL, ALSIPERCHA, and the CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT. The trainings were carried by out Mr Mariusz Janowski and Mr Tomasz Kaczmarski. Their speeches included references to the comprehensive business profile of our company and the high quality of our products and services thanks to which we have become one of the leading construction companies on the Polish market.


All meetings were participated by site managers, works managers, team managers, foremen, construction workers, and OHS coordinators. They showed great interest in the products of Betomax and asked numerous questions about the technical solutions applied in the safety systems. The participants provided also their comments on the systems offered by Betomax, as well as pointed out to solutions that could be helpful when performing works at heights. At this point, it is worth to mention the discussions held with the employees of Skanska, as well as the OHS experts of Hochtief who expressed very positive opinions about our products and passed thanks from their site managers and expressed willingness in terms of further cooperation.

A series of trade fairs abroad involving BETOMAX Polska

From mid-March to the end of April 2014, Betomax exhibited its products and services on the largest construction industry fairs in the neighbouring countries. At that time, we participated in four events of such kind organised in Latvia, Russia, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic. This is the next step in the development of export sales of our company.


On 13-16.03.2014, BETOMAX Polska S.A. participated in the International Construction Trade Fairs.
Betomax Poland S.A. presented its products at the Kipsala International Exhibition Centre in the Latvian capital Riga.
It was a perfect opportunity to promote the brand and our products, because the fair, as well as our exhibition stand, has been visited by companies from Northern Europe as well as Western Asia.
The participation in this fair can be considered successful, because the company has established a number of new contacts with new clients.


On 01-04.04.2014, BETOMAX Polska S.A. participated in the MOSBUILD International Construction Trade Fairs in Moscow.
MOSBUILD exhibition is the biggest construction industry exhibition in Russia and one of the five largest trade fairs in the world. The rank of the event is confirmed by the presence of exhibitors from 43 different countries.
Betomax decided to present its products and solutions on this still not sufficiently supplied but, at the same time, more and more demanding market. Moreover, we held talks with companies from the Eurasian Customs Union. During the fair, numerous contacts with major players in the construction industry, just from beyond our eastern borders, have been made.


From 24 to 27.04.2014, during the RESTA fairs in Vilnius (Lithuania), Betomax met with its existing clients, as well as acquired new ones from the Baltic States region.
RESTA exhibition, as each year, attracted a huge number of visitors, and that year should be seen as particularly successful considering the intense talks held at the exhibition stand of Betomax.
The participation in RESTA enabled our company to promote itself against the competition's products, which resulted in an increase in terms of our credibility. The company is also perceived as more competitive because of the broad range of products we provide.

The Czech Republic

From 23 and 26.04.2014, Betomax participated in IBF (International Building Fair) fairs in Brno in the Czech Republic.
Notwithstanding the wide range of products presented by Betomax, EBEA KP balcony connectors enjoyed the greatest interest, which certainly was related to the main theme of the fair – energy efficiency.
During the fair, we held numerous talks with potential clients from such countries as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria. In addition to establishing new contacts, we managed to collect lots of significant information about the above mentioned markets, which certainly will be very useful in terms of further export expansion, which is the focus of BETOMAX Polska S.A.

The 29th Polish Design Engineer Workshops in Szczyrk

On 26-29 March 2014, the Congressional and Recreation Centre “Eagle's Nest” in Szczyrk held the 29th Polish Design Engineer Workshops. The abovementioned workshops are an important event among the civil engineers, especially those working in design and supervision.

The workshops continue the tradition of the largest training meeting of designers, contractors, and building inspection in Poland. This year's conference was attended by 511 people. 

The four-day plenary sessions, lasting from early morning until late in the afternoon, were filled by 29 delivered and published lectures. The set of lectures constituted a comprehensive set, as it was planned by the organisers according to a detailed scenario. The lectures had been prepared by authors working at universities, institutes, and design studios.

The subject area of the conference involved:

- broadly understood design condition,

- maintaining the existing condition,

- work technology in terms of reinforcement works and superstructures.

An exhibition of the companies offering modern material solutions and services related to the broadly understood construction industry – as a tradition of the workshops – involved a total of 53 companies and associations, which is the current record of the conference. According to the opinions of the participants, it can be concluded that the conference has a well-established, long-standing reputation, concerning primarily its merits, as well as its widely understood setting.

Betomax Polska has participated in the conference as an exhibitor for several years, which allowed us to establish new contacts with design studios, cooperation with university professors, exhibitors, and other participants of the conference. All of them form a part of the industry environment which needs contacts, access to information, news, offers of manufacturers and providers of specialised works, which perhaps will result in future cooperation.

The exhibition stand of BETOMAX Polska enjoyed great interest. The visitors to our exhibition stand were mostly attracted by the model with the installation drawings of the reinforcement systems (COMAX + FORTEC) and the samples of the expansion profiles and sealing bands. A lot of visitors were interested in obtaining additional information on balcony connector which are more and more often applied in the designs.