Izotex Bentonite Mate

The Bentizol type HB3 and HB5 bentonite-halloysite mineral mat is a combination of two layers joined together through needle gunning, a geofabric and a geotextile made of highly resistant polypropylene fibre. A mix of sodium bentonite and halloysite is found between then.
The Bentizol bentonite-halloysite mineral mats should be used as barriers that impenetrable to liquids during construction of underground tunnels and structures. Installing the mats on panels and foundations walls is exceedingly effective. The mats may also be used to insulate foundation slabs and footing strips. Bentizol mats are used directly on fixed foundation excavation structures, at the same time fulfilling the role of stay-in-place formwork (i. e. Berliner walls, concrete stockades, steel partitions made of Larssen sheet piles).

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