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Product description

The type KAB sealing band with swell profile is a fusion of advantages of two different sealing materials for day joints. It utilises the advantages of sealing bands and swell materials. The structure of the type KAB band is reminiscent of a single arm of day joint seal tape with a round swell profile embedded in the lower part of the band.
Such a structure of the KAB bands prevents free flow of water in the swelling part by causing a pressure of the swell profile, and ensures at the same time a seal of the wall in the area of the ribbed arm.

Property Unit
Tested per
External form -
No cracks, rifts Visual evaluation
Shore hardness ˚Sh
PN-EN ISO 868:2005
Stretch resistance MPa
≥ 8
PN-EN ISO 527-2:1998
Relative elongation at break %
≥ 200
PN-EN ISO 527-2:1998
Shear resistance N/mm
≥ 12
PN- ISO 34-1:2007
Low temperature behaviour, -20 ˚C,
relative elongation at break
≥100 PN-EN ISO 527-2:1998



Seal bands with swell profiles, of type KAB 125 and type KAB 150 are used to protect concreting day joints at the intersection of bottom slabs and walls. These bands may be concreted already during the first phase of concreting work at a depth of 30-50 mm. This allows the cover of the top slab reinforcement as housing for the band, and does not require intervention in the shape and course, in a protected structure, of the reinforcement bars. This also eliminates the necessity of having to make an interlock in the slab for the purpose of embedding the band.
Limiting subsequent actions related to embedding the band at the intersection between slab and wall are a clear time-saving measure that allows one to reduce the cost of work related to the usage of additional installation materials. In order to maintain proper embedding in the concrete at the first stage of concreting of type Kab bands, a chalk band is useful, in the form of a flat band running along its axis.
Such bands have been for years successfully used in sewage treatment plants, swimming pools, liquid tanks and in residential housing. Kab bands should be used when these structures are under load by liquids with maximum hydrostatic pressure not exceeding 0,2 MPa.



The band must be stored in cardboard boxes as delivered by the manufacturer. They should be placed on a pallet, on a stable surface, protecting them from tipping over. Due to the characteristics of the utilised material, including swelling in humid conditions, they have to be stored in a cool and dry place.

KAB sealing band
box/pallete [mb/pcs.]


Art. no.
Type KAB 125 seal band with swell profile 125 5÷6 25/8 box 1,05 SU-TU-KB-0-02354
Type KAB 150 seal band with swell profile 150 5÷6 25/8 box 1,20 SU-TU-KB-0-02356
Type KS 125 assembly rail 125 - - - 0,16 SU-TU-KB-0-02351
Type KS 150 assembly rail 150 - - - 0,23 SU-TU-KB-0-02352
Type VSB installation clamp 150 - -
- 0,10