General Information

Typical joining profiles

Betomax Polska specialises not only in sale of sealing materials. The company also manufactures sealing systems for underground building parts and for structures susceptible to influence by water.
Knowing well the difficult conditions at construction sites related to the installation of sealing bands and execution of their complicated joints, we aim to accommodate our customers offering them joining profiles manufactured at our production plant.
In order to place an order/make an inquiry, please provide data on which type of profile you require. A full order, beside the name of the relevant joint, must also include guidelines on what bands they should be made of (links: 1, 2, 3, 4) and concerning the axial length of the individual arms marked in the diagrams below (dimensions: a, b, c, d).
The diagrams below are only sample options, according to which profiles of sealing bands may be pre-cast. We are able to manufacture any type of profile upon customer request. The only condition is submitting the profile drawing or alternatively the drawing of the structure to be protected to our offices.


Flat X-type joining profile Flat T-type joining profile



Flat L-type joining profile Spatial L-type joining profile  



Spatial L2-type joining profile Spatial L3-type joining profile




Flat L2-type joining profile Flat L3-type joining profile
Flat L4-type joining profile Spatial X-type joining profile
Spatial T-type joining profile Flat L5-type joining profile

Spatial L4-type joining profile