Vb Insulating Sheet Steel

The Betoflex insulating sheet steel system is a system used for insulating day joints created during concreting of concrete and reinforced concrete structures that are constantly or periodically under threat of influence of water or process liquids. The basic system component is galvanised insulating sheet steel with synthetic bentonite bands cured at its edges. This novel method of curing the swell material guarantees a permanent join between the sheet steel and the swell material. This, in effect, creates a double protection line against penetrating water.
The Betoflex insulating sheets may be used in potable water tanks, and their liquid contact safety is certified by Polish Hygiene Certificate (Pl. Atest Higieniczny) no. ZH/HK/W/1020/01/2011. The use of Betoflex insulating sheet steel is not limited to joints susceptible to inert liquids. Thanks to their great chemical resistance, they can successfully be used in sewage treatment plants, channels and tanks foreseen for storage of process liquids as well as in heavy industry or chemical manufacture plants or in the energy industry.

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