Injection Hoses

Seals of day joints at concreting or additional concreting to components with uneven outer surfaces (i. e. sheet piles or surfaces with particular textures) and numerous hooks forces one to use solutions influencing filling of pores left over and assurance of a structure's tightness. The P-100 injection hose system is a particularly effective solution in these circumstances.
The small cross-section and flexible profile of the P-100 injection hose allows one to adapt it to the shape of structures having the most diverse of forms. A properly installed system allows one to execute joint injections when a leak is detected at a particular spot or in a particular section, without enforcing the filling of hoses arranged for an entire structure. Looking at the entire system considering the type of work, the P-100 hose itself serves as a technical resource, using which the appropriate product or sealing material is introduced into the day joint.
The appropriate structure of the hose allows one to quickly open up microfractures and prevents flooding of the interior of the injection channel by the bleeding water.