Examples Of Use

Beside its basic function - assurance of individual safety, the Secumax Individual system also provides the option of erecting a temporary safety barrier conforming to requirements of standard PN-EN 13374.


1. Mounting seat with type 290 side grip extension. 2. Masking using a square rosette. 3. Installation of barrier pillar with side grip in type 260 universal steel seat.

4. Mounting of barrier pillar with side grip to type 290 extension. 5. Type 260 universal steel seat with side grip. 6. Type 290 side grip extension with side grip and rosette.

7. Type 500 screw-in grip with installed barrier pillar. 8. Type 500 screw-in grip with round rosette.  



This may be done using standard Secumax system parts (side grip, barrier pillar, protective plank or net).

Components of the Secumax Individual system allow the option of execution of proper personal protection, protecting against falling from a height, protecting the health and life of workers during their occupational duties.