General Information

Ever since concrete was made, mankind has worked towards improving it, and at the same time at improving its external appearance. As a result of long years of work and experiments related to perfecting concrete, decorative concrete was created.

What is it, and what are its properties?

The name suggests a relation to decoration of a surface structure, but it also bears names such as architectural concrete, façade concrete or visual concrete. This lack of precision in naming is visible in other languages as well.

What are the material's characteristics?
Decorative concrete is a high-quality material, allowing one to achieve an even, sealed surface of the concreted component. Decorative concrete surfaces are exposed, and they have the goal of attracting the viewer's attention, to astound them and to stay in their memory. That is why, beside even surfaces, also surfaces with various textures and colours are seen.
In the beginning, people tried to create a wooden texture on the surface of decorative concrete. This effect was possible through the creation of tight formwork made of wooden planks. This method was, however, very time-consuming, and in relation to that, very costly, and it had a series of drawbacks negatively influencing the natural environment. It required the use of high-quality wood, which would then go to waste. In relation to the ever-shrinking forest areas, difficulties arose in obtaining the material, which also transferred into the price of the entire investment.
Valero formwork mats were created to do justice to ever-growing financial expectations, but also to quality expectations (concerning the obtained ready surface quality). The standard dimensions of the synthetic material mats are 1300 mm by 4000 mm. The dimensions and weight of the formwork mat reduce the workload and greatly constrain the costs as compared to traditional method of achieving architecturally appealing façades (i. e. wood). Apart from that, they do not require the use of anti-adhesive liquids, which more often than not would limit the possible deadlines of the relevant enterprise due to the ambient temperature values they require.
And even if we provide no warranty on the surface to be achieved if they are used the second time, if used in a clever way, then can be utilised multiple times. A standard Valero mat collection is composed of several pattens, shown to you in this catalogue. This is the basic pattern collection, utilised most in the construction industry, tried and proven for years across the entire world.
The capabilities of Valero are not limited to the standard collection presented in this catalogue.
Beside the standard mat collection, should the customer wish it, we are able to design and manufacture a formwork mat with almost any selected texture, which will allow us to obtain a decorative concrete façade fitting in with the concept of the architect and the needs of the investor.