Assembly Manual

Affixing to horizontal formwork

Follow the indications below tor the purpose of affixing formwork mats:
1. First up, make sure that the surface and the Valero formwork mats are free from contaminations, which would hinder or prevent gluing the mats to the formwork using the adhesive.
2. One should spread out the mat and allow it to straighten by itself, and then glue it to the inside of the formwork with the pattern to be 'embossed' in the concrete surface pointing upwards.

3. The adhesive compound should be spread over the mat surface around its circumference, and in bands every 20 cm, as well as on the entire surface of the formwork, to which the mat should be attached.


Affixing to vertical formwork

Follow the indications below tor the purpose of affixing formwork mats:
1. The process is similar to the procedure used for horizontal formwork.
2. First of all, make sure that the underlying surface and the formwork mats are free of contaminations, which would hinder or prevent adhesion of the mats to the formwork using the glue.
3. Apply the glue to the formwork surface, as well as around the mat's circumference and in bands every 20 cm. Wait approximately two minutes, and press the mat to the formwork with the hand.


Joining formwork mats

Applies to models 006, 021, 023, 024:
Depending on the mat type, they are joined by overlapping one part on the other. In such a way, one obtains a parallel joint. The overlap length is approx. 2 cm, but it also depends on the relevant model. Make sure there are no wrinkles or loosely glued mats.

Other models are joined to touch each other side by side.

Side-by-side joint
The joint is connected using Valero tape, which should be glued at the spot where the formwork mat edges touch each other, after it is heated up with a heating device.


  • Use of Valero glue is recommended
  • Do not expose the mats to sunlight for longer periods of time.
  • Mats do not transfer loads, and thus they should not be treated as formwork, or they will become deformed. They have to adhere to the formwork with their entire surface, with the formwork bearing the load.
  • Mats are single-use.
  • Influenced by temperature, the mats expand by approx. 1 mm per each 10 °C.

Dimension tolerances:
- +/- 2 mm in both directions

Lift of tools required for mat layout:
Paintbrush, paint roller, spray gun - for application of glue to surfaces of formwork mats and formwork panels.
Work knife - to precisely trim the mats to size.
Heater - to embed the joining tape into the gaps between mats.
Protective clothing: gloves, glasses, non-flammable clothes.