Valero Formwork Mats

The hitherto prevailing view of reinforced concrete structures changes as a result of use of Valero formwork mats. The mats help one achieve the most diverse patterns, imitations (of stone, brick, trees) on the component's concrete surface, which gain realistic form after they're painted.
Valero formwork mats were created to do justice to ever-growing financial, but also quality expectations (concerning the obtained ready surface quality). The standard dimensions of the synthetic material mats are 1200 mm by 4000 mm. The dimensions and weight of the formwork mat reduce the workload and greatly constrain the costs as compared to traditional method of achieving architecturally appealing façades (i. e. wood). Apart from that, they do not require the use of anti-adhesive liquids, which more often than not would limit the possible deadlines of the relevant schedule due to the ambient temperature values they require.