Formtex Formwork Mats

Thanks to the use of Formtex formwork mats, one can achieve a markedly better concrete outer surface than just using the traditional method, when the poured concrete adheres directly to the formwork panel. In the traditional method, the formwork panels are covered with an anti-adhesion fluid before concreting, which is not necessary if Formtex mats are used. The achieved concrete surface, if Formtex mats are used, is particularly tight, has no pores or microfractures, which means that it protects the interior of the concrete and any possible reinforcement perfectly from the actions of an aggressive environment.
The Formtex formwork mat is composed of capillary polypropylene pipes embedded in a semi-permeable membrane. As a result of use of a special technology, a membrane with a thickness of 0,1 mm was achieved, with pores the diameter of a water molecule, which lets pure water molecules and gaseous substances pass through. The second mat layer, with a thickness of 1,1 mm, provides a drainage function.