General Information

Cardboard formwork is a single-use type of formwork for the erection of reinforced concrete pillars.
The advantages of cardboard formwork are:

  •  ease of execution of reinforced concrete pillars with their use (easy assembly and dismantling),
  •  very light as compared to steel formwork,
  •  water-resistant, may be stored in the open at the construction site; one should note, however, that the plane of support should be as large as possible, otherwise the formwork surface may become creased,
  •  environmentally friendly (use of anti-adhesive media is not required),
  •  because cardboard formwork is single-use, they do not require cleaning or storage after their removal from the concreted component,
  •  diameter availability from 150 mm to 1200 mm, standard length is 6 m,
  •  smoothness of the concrete surface after removal of the formwork.


Assembly of concrete formwork is very easy. One should only note a few actions during the assembly. The formwork pipes should not be pressed in with excess force or onto exceedingly bent rebar, because the cardboard formwork might become damaged in such a case. Further on, the form should be placed on the foundation along the axis, and fixed in place by a wooden cross component in its bottom part, and stabilised by supports in its top part. Protect against the buoyant force.

The concrete should be used with the use of a concrete pump through the ejection pipe approx. every 50 cm, with appropriate compaction. Compaction may be done using a vibrational poker. Note for the pump piping and the vibrator not to touch the inside of the formwork pipe during these operations. The drop height of the concrete to the formwork in case of installation without mounted pipes or hoses should be limited to what is recommended in the relevant 4standards.

The formwork is quickly and easily removed thanks to the built-in tear rope. Removal of the formwork from the concrete pillar takes place without excessive use of force. The internal arrangement may remain on the pillar until construction is complete as a means of protection. The used formwork should be subjected to thermal disposal.