Cardboard Formwork

Cardboard formwork is a single-use type of formwork for the erection of reinforced concrete pillars.
The advantages of cardboard formwork are:

  • ease of execution of reinforced concrete pillars with their use (easy assembly and dismantling),
  • very light as compared to steel formwork,
  • water-resistant, may be stored in the open at the construction site; one should note, however, that the plane of support should be as large as possible, otherwise the formwork surface may become creased,
  • environmentally friendly (use of anti-adhesive media is not required),
  • because cardboard formwork is single-use, they do not require cleaning or storage after their removal from the concreted component,
  • diameter availability from 150 mm to 1200 mm, standard length is 6 m,
  • smoothness of the concrete surface after removal of the formwork.



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