Deflex 500/e

Technical description

This water-tight profile is made up of aluminium form profiles on steel form squares, a Nitriflex synthetic material inlay and protective covers made of stainless steel. It is used for installation on unfinished floor surfaces or top layers. It is characterised by an aesthetically pleasing design and full water tightness. The height of squares, to which the profile is affixed, depends on the height of the floor structural base supports.
The profile finds use in parking lots, multi-storey parking lots, underground parking lots, pedestrian overpasses, ramps, swimming pools and in wet rooms where water resistance is required. Thanks to the use of flat bar squares of varying heights, there exists the possibility of using the profile during the execution of the top surface, i. e. of concrete blocks or asphalt. The synthetic material inlay is joined into one section through welding. Should it become necessary, the sealing inlay may be replaced during site operation without damage to the neighbouring floor surfaces or the top layer. It is also possible to replace the protective stainless steel covers.
The profile is resistant to traffic salt, aggressive agents (i. e. petrol) and other external influences.
It is also possible to execute complicated water-tight mounting shape profiles.
The profile is characterised by an optimum fusion of such parameters as high load bearing capacity and the ability to take on high shifts (expansion slit movement compensation) against the visible profile width after installation, while full water resistance is maintained.
The profile conforms to fire resistance requirements for class E according to standard PN-EN 13501-1, according to which the products are able to stand up to the effects of a small flame without significant flame spreading - for a short time. Profile available in flat and corner form. Profile available in flat and corner form.

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Technical details
Flat bar profiles 500/E-100
Corner profiles E 500/E-100
Fb [mm]
Nominal expansion slit width 100

B [mm]
Total expansion profile width upon request
S [mm]
Visible profile width after installation 110
H [mm]
Installed height upon request

BE [mm]
Total expansion profile width upon request
SE [mm]
Visible profile width after installation 110
HE [mm]
Installed height upon request
W ± [mm]
Expansion slit movement compensation 40(±20)
Colour stainless steel - natural; aluminium - natural; elastic inlay - black
Materiał Load bearing elements – aluminium 
Nitriflex elastic inlay - permanently elastic material, resistant among others to oils, bituminous masses, oxidation, acids, UV light, atmospheric conditions and temperature (to +65 °C) as well as aging and road salt.
Covers - stainless steel.
Load [kN]
Standard length[m] Load bearing elements - 4, support profiles -4, covers - 2 and 4, inlay - 50


Installation diagrams

DEFLEX 500/E-100

DEFLEX E 500/E-100