Deflex 360

Technical description

Overlay profile, made entirely of aluminium, foreseen for installation on unfinished wall surfaces indoors. May be used as finishing for expansion slits on walls with any kind of finishing.
An advantage of the profile is the option of installing it outside of the expansion slit, allowing its use in spots where the expansion slits do not run straight and have varied widths. A further advantage is the option of replacement of visible profile components without the need to remove it from the wall.
The profile is characterised by very good ability to compensate building movements. The use of rubber inlays increases security against water and humidity intrusion into the expansion slit. The entire visible profile surface is made of high-quality aluminium, making the profile ideal for interiors with high finishing standard requirements.
The profile has the same design and makes one complete system together with the Deflex 418 floor profile.
Profile conforms to fire resistance requirements for class E according to standard PN-EN 13501-1.
Profile available in flat and corner form.

Adhere to notices and remarks concerning installation.

Technical details
Flat bar profiles 360-050
Corner profiles E 360-050
E 360-100
Fb [mm]
Nominal expansion slit width 50

B [mm]
Total expansion profile width 220

S [mm]
Visible profile width after installation 220

H [mm]
Installed height 20

BE [mm]
Total expansion profile width 135

SE [mm]
Visible profile width after 135

HE [mm]
Installed height 20
W ± [mm]
Expansion slit movement compensation 50 (±25)
120 (±60)
Colour Natural
Material Aluminium - properties according to standard PN-EN 755
Standard length [m] 4


Installation diagrams