Installation Recommendations

Type WOD 550 thermal joining instructions

1. Trim profile to size so that the head ends are parallel to each other and so that they adhere well to each other.
2. Clean and roughen the surfaces of the rubber to be welded (cured), approx. 3-4 cm on each side of the rubber parts to be joined. This is best achieved with a wire brush (i. e. special brush drill bit).
3. Cover the profile joint ends and the top and bottom surface with rubber adhesive. The adhesive should be spread on the profile, along a width corresponding to the joint band to be applied in the subsequent step.
4. Join two profile sections with joining band, 50 x 3 mm or 80 x 3 mm (rubber bands on roll). The joined profiles are to be taped around their circumference, meaning, both on top and from the underside. Band layer count 1-2, depending on joint thickness..
5. After application of the rubber tape, cover everything with rubber adhesive.
6. Place such a joint in the device for approx. 40-50 minutes, the joining time depends on the ambient temperature. The temperature of the curing machine is approx. 160 °C.

Situation before curing of intersecting (joint) spots of expansion slits, layout of straight band sections.

Factory-made profile part

Curing process, joining of contact points at the construction site

Ready system (factory-made profile part and contact points joined at the construction site) before application of surface sealant (insulation).

Curing set




The curing set includes:
 1. Curing machine
 2. Curing matrix
 3. Compression roll
 4. Sander brush
 5. Activator
 6. 50 x 3 mm or 80 x 3 mm rubber tapes