Deflex 446/nv

Technical description

Floor profile made of aluminium and Nitriflex® ynthetic material, intended for installation on finished floor surfaces at a later construction stage. It is characterised by its ability to compensate for movement of its expansion joint both horizontally as well as vertically (slip joint of the inlay with the profile). This profile differs from the Deflex 446/TN profile through the aluminium thickness
The profile structure allows replacement of the synthetic material inlay without any need to remove the profile components.
The profile finds use for various kinds of floor finishes, i. e. screed, natural stone, stone imitation, etc.
Due to extended resistance, it is particularly recommended for use in parking lots and garages.
The profile conforms to fire resistance requirements for class E according to standard PN-EN 13501-1, according to which the products are able to stand up to the effects of a small flame without significant flame spreading - for a short time.
Profile is available as flat, a type E corner version and a type EV corner version.

Adhere to assembly remarks and indications.

Technical details
Flat bar profiles 446/NV-030
Corner profiles E 446/NV-030
E 446/NV-050
E 446/NV-065
Fb [mm]
Nominal expansion slit width 30

B [mm]
Total expansion profile width 150

S [mm]
Visible profile width after installation 150

H [mm]
Installed height 27

BE [mm]
Total expansion profile width 89

SE [mm]
Visible profile width after installation 89

HE [mm]
Installed height 87
W ± [mm]
Expansion slit movement compensation 10(±5)
Colour Aluminium - natural, elastic inlay - black and grey 1)
Materiał Load bearing profiles - aluminium - properties according to standard PN-EN 755.
Nitriflex® elastic inlay - a permanently flexible material, resistant i. e. to oils, bitumen masses, oxidation, UV rays, atmospheric conditions and temperature (-30 °C to +60 °C), as well as ageing and traffic salt.
Load [kN]**

Standard length [m] 4


Installation diagrams

DEFLEX 446/NV-030

DEFLEX E 446/NV-030

DEFLEX 446/NV-050