Material Data Sheet

Material does not contain lead, cadmium or formaldehydes. The material is suitable for open air spaces. Resistant to oils, oxidation, acids, alkali materials. Resistant to ageing, permanently elastic.



Stainless steel grade 1.4301 Test method per
Yield limit Rp 0,2
≥ 190 MPa

Tensile strength Rm
500-700 MPa

Elongation A5
≥ 45 %

Estimated value ≤ 215 HB

Thermal conductivity at 20°C
15 W/m·K

Density 7,9 g/cm³

Lengthwise elasticity modulus (Young's modulus) at 100°C
194 GPa 

Poisson's ratio 0,33

Fire resistance A1


Aluminium per PN-EN 755

Test method per
Yield limit Rp 0,2 
min. 160 MPa

Tensile strength Rm min. 215 MPa

Elongation A50 mm
min. 6 %

Estimated value approx. 10-13
Webster B
Estimated value approx. 60
Thermal conductivity at 20 °C
 190 W/m, °C

Density 2,7 kg/dm³

Linear elongation coefficient
23 x 10-6 1/°C

Lengthwise elasticity modulus (Young's modulus)
70 GPa

crosswise spring modulus (Kirchhoff's modulus)  27 GPa

Poisson's ratio 0,33
Fire resistance A1