Deflex 420/sp

Technical description

Floor profile made entirely of aluminium. The interior part of the T-profile may be optionally made of stainless steel. Profile is foreseen for installation on unfinished floor surfaces. The profile's special structure allows transfer of particularly high loads with the expansion slit having a large width. The profile, apart from this, is characterised by great ability of building movement compensation. The entire visible profile surface is made of high-quality aluminium.
The profile finds use for various kinds of floors, covered with screed, natural stone, stone imitation, etc.
Particularly recommended for use in industrial structures such as i. e. warehouse loads, manufacture halls, etc.
Upon special request, a profile with a support structure - Deflex 420/SP - may also be made.

Adhere to recommendations and remarks concerning installation.

Technical details
Flat bar profiles 420/SP-DV-250
Fb [mm]
Nominal expansion slit width 250

B [mm]
Total expansion profile width 320

S [mm]
Visible profile width after installation 320

H [mm]
Installed height 26/ 116 (96)
na zapytanie
w ± [mm]
Expansion slit movement compensation 100 (±50)
100 (±50)
Material aluminium - properties according to standard PN-EN 755 (stainless steel T-profile upon request)
Load [kN]**
Standard length [m] 2
** See load table in the tab 'Guidelines concerning expansion joint selection and design'

Installation diagrams

DEFLEX 420/SP-DV-250

DEFLEX 420/SP-DV-250

DEFLEX 420/SP-250