General Information

Every construction site has certain limitations in access to individual sections, where construction or refurbishment works are conducted. This applies in particular to investments in city centres. One is not able to deliver or pick up materials everywhere using an appropriate means of transport as a trailer truck, dump truck or loader truck.

In case of transport of bulk materials such as rubble, soil, sand or cement, the use of bulk material containers from Betomax is an excellent solution. They allow the ability of transporting any selected material to any spot using a lifting mechanism (crane, etc.).

Selection of rubble and bulk material container

Offered are three types of containers for rubble and bulk materials, with the following capacities: 1,0 cu m, 1,5 cu m. The selection of the container is conditioned by the working method.

Type A - cradle (bucket) container, it is slightly tilted during loading, and one of the edges is lowered almost to ground level where the works are conducted, which greatly simplifies loading. Used mainly for soil transport.

Type B - container in the shape of an inverted trapezoid, with a flat bottom and one side reduced to simplify loading and unloading. It is equipped with a self-release latch for service-free unloading. Foreseen for transport of rubble, cement or other bulk materials.

Dump containers are used for transport of bulk materials using forklift trucks, they are equipped with manual dumping mechanisms.


Containers for concrete, rubble and other bulk materials from Betomax are characterised by great reliability and high quality. They are made of certified steel, cold-rolled sheet steel and closed profiles, which ensure high rigidity and reliability with limited own weight. In case of concrete containers, the opening mechanism is made of increased abrasion strength steel - its optimum parameters guarantee free opening of the container's dump chute.

The entire structure is protected by orange alkyd paint, guaranteeing long life in natural conditions and excellent equipment visibility at the construction site. The shackles and sling components used with the containers have appropriate certificates and approvals. Every container sports a nameplate, and is covered by a 12-month warranty. Each container is supplied with a set of documents: conformity declaration, CE certificate for the chain suspension as well as functional and technical documentation, including details concerning the container use.

We guarantee the option of conducting inspections and repairs of the containers used.

We offer containers for sale and for rent.