Anchor Types

Screw anchor (type F)

Used in case of necessity of joining of reinforced concrete structures or components as a base with steel structures or components.

Mode of execution of joint: Install on the bar a spacer sleeve, secure the other end of the sleeve with a cap and place it so that it is flush with the formwork or any other required surface. Next, after preparation of the structure or the reinforced concrete component, disassemble the formwork and the sealing cap. The joining of the reinforced concrete structure (component) with the steel structure (component) through screwing in of an appropriate joining element into the sleeve.


Concrete anchor (type ES, EL)

Used to anchor a reinforcing bar in concrete.

More of execution of anchoring: Install (screw in) until pronounced resistance the anchor plate on one end of the base plate. The other end of the bar is foreseen for a given type of joint and for joining with the remainder of the reinforcement. It ends with a threaded connection or a specific sleeve.