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Steinreiniger cleaning agent

Product description
The Steinreiniger liquid is an effective cleaning agent used to remove contaminations and growth from the surfaces of washed concrete. It is also used to remove remains of cement, mortar, concrete and rust from exposed surfaces, scaffolding, forms and work tools.

Mode of use
Dilute the Steinreiniger liquid with water at a ratio of 1:1. Apply with a brush onto well-moistened surfaces (as shown in the image). After application, wait a few minutes. Then, flush thoroughly with clean water. A surface protected in this way should be immediately covered with the Colorfresh or Colortec products.
Steinreiniger should not be used on cladding boards sensitive to acids, on polished natural stone, on varnished, chrome-plated, enamel-painted surfaces, etc.

Steinreiniger cleaning agent
Sales unit

Art. no.
Steinreiniger 10
1 liter
container/10 liters
Steinreiniger 30
1 liter
container/30 liters