Mounting Trolleys

The company Forbuild offers four types of mounting trolleys, which are freely configurable depending on the requirements of the structure and the customer's needs. Our offer spans, beside purchase, also equipment rental.

Mounting trolley types

  • MTW 72 
  • MTW 72 MGB
  • central-position cornice-mounting trolley,
  • special configurations available upon customer's request.


In case of construction of bridges or viaducts, the choice of appropriate equipment may decisively improve work and reduce the execution time of the entire investment.

Approval of the Polish Office of Technical Inspection

Potwierdzenie Urzędu Dozoru Technicznego w Kielcach - Wózek montażowy MTW 72
Potwierdzenie Urzędu Dozoru Technicznego w Kielcach - Wózek montażowy MTW 72