The Greater Polish Agricultural And Horticultural Wholesale Market Of Poznań

Investor: Greater Polish agricultural and horticultural wholesale market
General contractor: P. P. B. Profbud
Execution period: 2009-2010

As required by the wholesale market of Poznań, the company FORBUILD had drawn up project execution documentation and installed expansion profiles in the hall and on the upper parking lot level. Particular care needed to be taken to consider high-volume motor car traffic, due to the utilisation patterns at the site. The investment required some additional works on the pillars and low walls protecting entryway ramps.  


The design of the niches and the mode of installation of the expansion profiles, due to the uncommon mode of execution of the floor, required an individual solution preceded by consultations with the investor.




FORBUILD products and solutions used:

Delivery and installation of water-tight Deflex 500/Na and E 500Na expansion profiles.