Plaza Shopping Centre In Toruń

Investor: Plaza Centers
General contractor:  Karmar
Investment execution period:
3rd quarter of 2010 - 4th quarter
of 2011

The Toruń Plaza shopping and entertainment centre is home to 140 stores and service points on 40000 sq m of retail space. The total site area is almost 74000 sq m.
The company FORBUILD delivered and installed expansion profiles on both levels of the shopping centre and the two topmost parking lot levels, with a water-tightness guarantee for the lower levels. Both the lengthwise as well as the crosswise expansion joint arrangement required the execution of many corner joints, finishing joints at round pillars and the installation of L, X and T profile forms.

FORBUILD products and solutions used:

Delivery and installation of Deflex aluminium floor expansion profiles of the 423/ALR series and Deflex water-tight expansion profiles of the 500/NaL and E 500/NaL series.
Total length of all supplied Deflex expansion profiles was approx. 950 r. m.