Residential Construction

One of the most important branches of the construction industry, because it is literally close to every one of us. Sadly, residential construction in Poland is a branch that is not satisfactorily fulfilling societal needs. The cause of this state of affairs is, of course, complicated, but it is felt by a great part of society, with the expression being a deficit of good-quality housing as compared to the number of family homes overall. Of course, despite certain deficiencies in residential housing, constant progress takes place - new, beautiful settlements are being built, so we may hope that it will get better in the future.

FORBUILD has actively participated or participates actively in the execution of the following facilities:

- Dębowe Tarasy settlement in Katowice,
- residential area at address Dobrego Pasterza in Kraków,
- residential area at address Bohomolca in Kraków,
- Zaczarowany Młyn settlement in Kraków.