Central Parking Lot In Kielce

Investor - Municipal service company PUK Kielce

Designer - consortium: NAOS design agency and Portal   design workshop.

General contractor - Kolporter CONDITE

Construction tine - December 2008 to November 2009

Multi-storey parking lot in Kielce at the square Plac Konstytucji 3. Maja: four storeys, 382 parking spots.

From the side of the building of the Polish Social Insurance Institution, the façade constitutes a water curtain falling from the second storey, while on the right side, enormous LED screens are found, on which images, films and advertisements may be seen. From the side of Leśna street, a multi-use building is located, where exhibitions, presentations or other shows may be organised. According to the design assumptions, a large open square was created between the parking lot and the building of the Social Insurance Institution and the Jan Kochanowski University.

FORBUILD products and solution used:

Delivery and installation of Deflex type 500Na expansion profiles