Domaniewska 45 Office Building In Warsaw

Investor: ASD Real Estate
Designer: AB-Projekt
General contractor:  AB-Projekt
Execution: 2012-2013

The underground part of the building was executed within a protective structure of sheet piles, executed using the ceiling method, with the intermediate ceilings supported by temporary multi-branch steel pillars of IPE 360 rolled profiles anchored in barrette piles.

The bottom slab anchored around the circumference in the joint of the slit wall has a height of 100 cm, and the entire joint is protected from water intrusions by a system of P-100 injection hoses used for injections of insulation resins. The bottom of the slab is placed at 12.0 m below the surrounding area, and local deepest points are at a depth of 13.6 metres. 

All day joints created during the concreting of the bottom slab were insulated by Besaplast insulating bands and KAB bands. The passages of temporary steel pillars through the bottom slab were secured by FORBENT type G swell bands installed using the Betofix adhesive.

FORBUILD products and solutions utilised:


- Bentizol bentonite-halloysite mineral mat
- P-100 injection hoses
- KAB seal bands with swell profile
- Besaplast sealing bands, including Besaflex external day joint insulating band type AA 320/35
- FORBENT type S and type G swell bands
- FB tie passage insulating system
- Secumax edge protection system