Ngk Ceramics Polska Plant In Gliwice

Investor: NGK Ceramics Polska
Designer: BHU Kristof
General contractor: Takenaka Europe GmbH, Polish branch office
Execution: 2012-2014

FORBUILD had drawn up an edge protection design for the construction site of a plant belonging to a manufacturer of ceramic cartridges for exhaust gas purification filters. The safety barriers were used using SECUMAX grips, i. e. the universal, the threaded and the side threaded grip.

Upon approval of the design documentation, the edges of the plant including stairwells were secured. Additional protection was provided for the concrete containers executed underground. The work was done at a fast pace, with trained FORBUILD employees executing the installation of the side railings from a raised platform or from the floors, protected by individual systems (anchor points).

 The ready site, just before transfer to use.

The progress of layout of pre-cast components forced us to work effectively and quickly alter the placement of barriers, depending on the current site requirements.

FORBUILD products and solutions utilised:

Rental, installation and removal of Secumax system components.