858 Mw Block At The Bełchatów Power Plant

Construction site location - Rogowiec.

Construction of the 858 MW block at the Bełchatów power plant.

General contractor: Erbud S. A.
(concreting works, general construction works and finishing works)

Period of execution: 2010-2012

The 858 MW block is the largest and most modern energy production block in Poland utilising so-called clean coal technologies. Its construction was of paramount importance to the Polish electric energy sector. It used the most modern technologies and world experience concerning the execution and equipment of great generation facilities. The new plant is supposed to conform to all requirements concerning atmospheric contaminant emissions.

The investment under execution at the Bełchatów power plant is also very important for the maintenance of development of the entire Bełchatów region and a great part of the voivodeship of Łódź.

FORBUILD products and solutions used:

Our task was the preparation of construction execution documentation for expansion joints, and subsequently the delivery and installation of profiles at their designated spaces. In total, we have installed close to 800 running metres of Deflex expansion profiles of the following types: 500Na/050, 423/N-030, 446/N-030, 446/N-020 and 420/SPN-DV.